Developing specific skills: Attitude

The attitude of your employee as well as the company environment can and will make the difference in guarantying a return customer.
 At this point most customers are savvy enough to know when they are being played, condescended to, or just receiving bad service. Since frankly, one’s attitude is what can make all of the difference between a commodity being sold at one location versus at the competition’s, it makes it imperative to have a clear and effective attitude expectation for all employees.
  • The key word being clear -don’t leave anything to interpretation
  • Have the expectations spelled out so that there is no question
  • Make it very clear Why  the attitude is so important and thereby what it means for the employee
  • Cultivate a culture around that attitude and exemplify it at every turn
           So how do you do these four things and have a different result than the mere smattering of positive attitude posters?
Show the Why as it pertains to the individual, not just the company. Show the bigger picture of what this attitude will do in the individual’s life, future, jobs etc. Make it real not just a slogan. Cultivating a specific attitude within the culture will carry through to every aspect of your business, not just the face to face time with customers.  It does take commitment, consistency and a leadership team who understand the how and why to foster this culture. This new culture will change everything in the way your business interacts with the public and in turn set your company apart from the competition.

About christamroszczak

There are many things that we could all say about ourselves in our "about me" information. I would just like to explain -Why- I created this blog. I see a gap in the abilities of the people who move through our workforce. I see a lack of passion, work ethic, drive, respect and feelings of significance. The solution is in the leadership. The leadership needs to drive passion, hold standards, and inspire growth, but all too often, it alienates, turns a blind eye, or shifts blame. My focus is in customer service careers for a few reasons: 1. Customer service is often times where our next generation of professionals will come from. This is because often times they are working through school, in between school, or after school, but before careers. There is an entire niche of people in that very category needing to be believed in, shown how to hold a standard, pushed to be their best and shown how to train others to do the same. 2. We need to lead our middle management to train up everyone to be a trainer in their area. Middle management needs to be consistent with expectations and consequences. 3. We need to show middle management and their teams that everyone should be thinking about not only the job they have, but the job they want because the job they have now will be what sets them up for the job they want later. 4.There needs to be hands on training with management to help break the bad habits and even to form good habits with the new training tools they receive. Managers go to management or leadership training and come back with all excitement yet no follow through. Too often "inspiring" becomes coddling, "leading not managing" becomes making friends or doing all the work oneself, "encouraging" becomes caving, and "holding the standard" becomes pridefully rigid or even hypocritical. Someone once said, Hire slowly and fire swiftly. While this is a strong concept, when put into practice it actually shows the employees that the job is worth getting, they will be invested in and trained well, and that employees who refuse to improve or change a bad habit/attitude will not be allowed to continue to drag everyone down with them. This fair concept shows respect to the other employees and the customers. Holding the standard, being consistent and fair while simultaneously showing honest respect and care for the team at every level will produce success every time. I created this blog for employers and employees to utilize and hopefully get inspiration and some tips on how to create an efficient, productive, and successful working environment no matter what career you choose. We want to empower our employees at all levels to take pride in their work and to foster an environment that allows for nothing else.
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